A recent case, in which a man won more than £50,000 in compensation after being hit by a car on his way home from the pub, shows how expert legal advice can help victims of accidents secure the compensation they deserve.

The accident happened shortly after the man left his local pub. He was crossing the road when the car hit him. He sustained severe orthopaedic injuries and will never be able to walk unassisted or return to work.

The driver’s insurers denied liability on the basis that the man was at fault as he was drunk and had crossed the road without due care. They claimed that he had stepped out into the road from between two cars and the driver could not have avoided hitting him.

However, the man’s solicitors carried out a thorough examination of the circumstances, including visiting the scene of the accident and obtaining evidence from eyewitnesses that he had not been intoxicated. Doubt was cast on the police report after it was revealed that the police had interviewed him in hospital while he was on pain medication. He had no recollection of the interview taking place.

The police had also concluded that the driver had been travelling within the speed limit. However, expert evidence was obtained which showed that the man’s injuries were consistent with a collision at high speed.

When the fresh evidence was presented to the insurers, they agreed to settle the man’s claim on the basis that the accident was not entirely his fault.

“This case shows how dedicated and experienced legal representation can be vital when blame for an accident is denied,” says Jason Claridge. “If you have suffered an accident which was not your fault, or for which you were only partly to blame, we can advise you on the possibility of claiming compensation.”