A passenger who suffered serious head injuries in a car accident has been awarded more than £1 million in damages.

David Sutton, 25, was travelling in a Nissan car that was involved in a crash with a BMW, on a B-road between Wallingford and Goring in Oxfordshire. His injuries were so serious that he was airlifted to hospital.

Since the accident, Mr Sutton has suffered with depression and memory problems. He also experiences epileptic fits and blackouts.

Because of the accident, he lost his job at a supermarket and has found it difficult to find new work. His personality has changed radically as a result of his injuries and he is now cared for by his mother.

In the High Court, the judge approved a settlement offer of £1.1 million made by the insurers of the car in which Mr Sutton was travelling.

Says Jason Claridge, “Nothing can adequately compensate for the loss of one’s health and normal way of life. However, a financial settlement can help the victim of an accident and their family adjust to the changes in circumstances knowing that essential care needs can be met and paid for.”