If you have an accident abroad, compensation is normally awarded for the illness or injury itself and also the suffering that you might endure. It could also be the case that the whole part of your holiday has been ruined as a result and therefore you would be due a sum for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday.

You may have also incurred out of pocket expenses including pricey doctors’ fees abroad, or have had to lose time from work upon your return resulting in a loss of your earnings.

All of these things, plus others, are taken into consideration when formulating your claim. Compensation could be available to you!

We can help in relation to:

  • Tripping & Slipping claims
  • Food poisoning
  • Skiing accident claims
  • Hotel accident claims

We have successfully helped many holidaymakers obtain compensation for injuries and illnesses suffered abroad. If you have suffered an illness or injury abroad that was the primary fault of someone else then please do not hesitate to contact us for free legal advice.