A diner at a McDonald’s restaurant who broke a tooth on a piece of metal in his burger has won £1,100 in compensation.

Kevin Smith, 43, was eating a Quarter Pounder at one of the fast-food outlets when he bit down on a scrap of metal lodged in his meal. He broke off part of a molar and endured significant pain and discomfort.

He discovered the offending item was a U-shaped piece of aluminium almost half a centimetre across. He complained to the manager of the restaurant and was unhappy with the way his complaint was handled. It took five visits to the dentist to repair the tooth.

When a claim for compensation for the pain and injury suffered was brought, the company admitted liability and offered Mr Smith £1,100 in compensation. A spokesperson for McDonald’s said that a full investigation into the incident had been carried out and the matter was now resolved.

If you become ill after eating food that is unfit for consumption or suffer an injury because food contains a foreign body, you could be entitled to compensation. We can advise you on your individual circumstances.