A motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a road accident has been awarded a substantial sum in compensation.

The unnamed woman, who was training to be a nurse, collided with an oncoming car that turned across her path when she had the right of way.

She suffered severe leg injuries, as well as damage to her spine, head, shoulder and ribs. The damage to her leg was so severe that she required an amputation below the knee. Her injuries meant that she had to undergo months of rehabilitation, as well as further surgery and other medical procedures.

The woman has been left with a permanent disability and can no longer continue with her chosen profession. She suffers flashbacks to the incident and phantom limb pain, and requires help with day-to-day activities such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.

A personal injury claim was brought against the driver’s insurance company. When the case came to court, it was established that the car driver was at fault and the motorcyclist was awarded £828,000 in compensation. The settlement award takes into account her loss of earnings, medical treatment and care costs.

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