Based on yesterday’s guidance from the President of the Family Division you may be confused about arrangements for your children.

It is now the case that – except in very limited circumstances – everyone must stay at home. This has led to confusion as to how these rules affect separated parents whose children spend time in two households. The government have confirmed that the rules do not prevent children from travelling between their parents’ homes. However, it will be necessary for parents to consider the health of their children and any other vulnerable family members, as well as the risk of infection through social contact if children were to travel.

Communication between parents at this unprecedented time is key. It may be that agreement can be reached for alternative types of contact. We are fortunate that technology is easily accessible to allow contact by phone or through video-calling in place of the usual arrangements.

If you are concerned about how the current situation may affect you, or how to deal with an existing Child Arrangements Order in these difficult times, our specialist family lawyers are able to assist. You can contact a member of our team on or call 02476555400