January is the month when most divorces are filed. It may be because the holidays are over or that people want a fresh start at the New Year.

Some couples who have been planning to split up choose to avoid disrupting their families during the holidays. Others may be hoping that their situation or their partner’s behaviour will change, and when nothing changes, they opt for dissolution, which is a sad thing.

Trying to find the right time for such a big decision is always a difficult challenge, and there may not be a perfect moment. If you have tried counselling, communicating, and compromising, you may believe that divorce is your only option.

Of course, divorce is less traumatic if the children have flown the nest and it’s just the two of you. If you do have kids, and especially if they are young, a divorce can shatter their worlds and make them feel very insecure.

You will need to break the news to children gently and slowly. A good place to start is to tell them that it is not their fault and that Dad and Mum will always be there and will always, and in all ways, love them. Some additional reassurance as to how their lives will not change is also highly recommended. Do your best to keep things as normal as possible.

For the adults involved, divorce will change your life forever. You will get over it, but studies show that overall satisfaction with life may diminish significantly, so it’s important that you make a plan to take care of yourself. Isolation is not your friend, and neither is going out and trying to party away your pain. If you do decide to date, go slowly. Also remember, introducing your children to a new partner is a significant step and may need to be discussed with your ex-partner beforehand.

Whether you’ve chosen or perhaps feel forced to make this huge change in your life, the process is never easy but we can help.  Call one of our expert team now on 0800 158 5592.