A horse rider has won compensation for the life-changing injuries he sustained when the horse he was riding was hit by a car.

The accident happened in 2010, when Richard Clutterbuck and his wife were riding their horses early in the morning. An approaching car slowed down for them, but there was another car behind it, which attempted to overtake and crashed into Mr Clutterbuck’s horse, Linford. The horse was killed instantly and Mr Clutterbuck was thrown over the car.

Mr Clutterbuck suffered fractured ribs and severe spinal injuries. He was airlifted to hospital, and required pioneering surgery to treat the damage to his spine. His wife, Gillian, and her horse were also injured in the collision.

Although he has made a remarkable recovery given the severity of his injuries, Mr Clutterbuck has been left with discomfort and pain in his back as well as restricted movement.

Mr Clutterbuck pursued a personal injury claim against the driver of the overtaking car. The driver’s insurance company admitted liability and agreed to pay compensation of £81,500.

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