For a limited time only, Ward and Rider are pleased to announce the introduction of a Fixed Fee Divorce Service. This has been designed to allow you to obtain a Divorce simply and effectively, keeping the emotional and financial strain of a Divorce to an absolute minimum.

The package – which includes all steps from initial instructions through to the conclusion of the divorce – will be in place until 31st January 2011. Our solicitors’ fees for the fixed fee divorce service are only £999, inclusive of VAT and disbursements, such as Court Fees.

For free initial advice please call or complete our enquiry form.

Work not covered in the fixed fee divorce package: 

If the Petition becomes defended or needs to be altered once it has been issued by the Court
Any Court attendance necessary for the divorce proceedings (this is rare)
The cost of obtaining a replacement marriage certificate if you do not have the original 
The cost of obtaining a translation of the marriage certificate (if the marriage ceremony took place in a foreign non-English speaking jurisdiction)
Any attendances with you or any other persons outside our Coventry offices
If the other party to the divorce (called the Respondent) fails to respond to the divorce within a timely fashion and it then becomes necessary to arrange personal service upon him/her or to make an application for what is termed ‘deemed service’. 

Financial issues 

Advice on children issues