A cyclist who was run over by a lorry has won compensation for the serious injuries she suffered.

The accident happened in December 2010, when Veronika Pete, 31, was cycling to work in London. She was negotiating the Marble Arch gyratory, riding to the left of a bullion truck, below the driver’s line of sight. The driver later claimed that he had seen Ms Pete but then lost sight of her and assumed that she had turned left.

The lorry turned left and ran over Ms Pete, who was dragged under its wheels. She was rushed to hospital, where she underwent life-saving treatment. One of her legs had to be amputated above the knee and she suffered serious injuries to her other leg. She was transferred to another hospital where, over the next several months, she underwent further operations. She now uses a wheelchair and is learning to walk using a prosthetic leg.

The driver of the bullion lorry was found guilty of careless driving, fined £1,300 and given five penalty points on his driving licence.

Ms Pete commenced a claim against the driver’s insurance company, which initially claimed that she was partly responsible for the accident and that any damages should be reduced accordingly. Shortly before the case would have come to court, however, the insurers agreed to pay out 100 per cent of the claim. The exact amount of the damages is yet to be determined but, given the severity of Ms Pete’s injuries, is likely to be substantial.

Insurers will always do what they can to minimise their costs, which makes the need for strong and experienced legal representation crucial. If you have been involved in a road accident, whether as a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you have suffered. Contact a member of our Personal Injury Team.