Project Description

Johanna Brewer acted for a child client represented by their parent in a case against a nursery school.

Whilst our client was at nursery, a fire door slammed shut onto their thumb causing a fracture and deep laceration.

This incident was very traumatic for our client and they had to attend hospital for x-rays and further treatment.

The fire door in question did not have safety guards fitted which meant that it was able to slam shut onto any child attending the nursery.

Our client was absent from nursery school for a long time, which set them back somewhat and caused them to be much quieter than usual. Thankfully, the child was able to return and appeared to be progressing well.

Johanna Brewer obtained medical evidence to support our client’s claim and it will settle in the region of £3,200.00.

This is indeed a true case but our client’s identity has been withheld to protect their privacy.