Project Description

Vijay Parekh, a Personal Injury lawyer at Ward & Rider Solicitors, acted for a client with regard to a claim for asbestosis.

Our client worked for British Rail for 20 years as a Fireman. He was required to put coal into the hot footplate and to fire up the coal. There was a boiler in front of the footplate which generated hot water to allow steam for the engine.

Whilst the train was moving our client was required to maintain the steam by stoking the footplate. He worked an 8 hour shift. Our client informed us that the trains that he worked on were very old and each time the train moved, the boiler rattled and as a result it let out asbestos which our client was exposed to excessively. As a result of this he was diagnosed as suffering with asbestosis in 2013 when his chest condition deteriorated and this affected his quality of life and he suffered constant shortness of breath.

We pursued a claim on behalf of our client and liability was admitted by the insurers of British Rail. Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Chest Physician and with the help of a Barrister our client received £45,000 in compensation for the asbestosis he suffered.

Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome of this claim and thanked us for all the hard work on his case from both Ward & Rider and the Barrister.

Asbestosis is a chronic inflammatory and fibrotic medical condition affecting the lungs caused by the inhalation and retention of asbestos fibres.

It usually occurs after high intensity and/or long term exposure to asbestos (particularly in those individuals working on the production or end use of products containing asbestos) and is therefore regarded as an occupational lung disease.

People with extensive occupational exposure during the mining, manufacturing, handling, or removal of asbestos are at risk of developing asbestosis. Sufferers may experience severe shortness of breath and are at an increased risk for certain malignancies, including lung cancer but especially mesothelioma.