Project Description

Ray Hudson acted for a client who sustained personal injury and financial losses as a result of an accident at work.

Our client worked in an office environment and as they were walking past a colleague’s desk they tripped over wires of an electrical fan and fell to the floor.

Our client’s employer accepted liability for the accident but their insurers alleged that our client was partly responsible for the accident. They suggested that our client was 25% to blame for failing to look where they were going and notice the trailing wires.

Ray was able to negotiate the reduction suggested by the insurer down to just 15%, meaning that our client received 85% of the total value of their claim. Our client did after all admit that they were aware of the trailing but had momentarily forgotten about them.

Medical evidence obtained in support of our client’s claim showed that our client had suffered from an injury to their knee and back. Thankfully, our client’s symptoms resolved in a short space of time but there was a claim for loss of earnings that needed to be recovered on top of our client’s claim for compensation. Ray also included a claim for care and assistance, medication costs and travel expenses.

Initially, the insurer compensating our client made an offer to settle for £1,700 but Ray advised our client to reject this offer and he was eventually able to negotiate settlement in the region of £2,800.

This is indeed a true case but our client’s identity has been withheld to respect their privacy.