Project Description

Jodie Doran, Solicitor at Ward & Rider Solicitors acted for a client who tripped over point of sale signage in a large supermarket.

At the time of the accident our client suffered a nasty tear to his shoulder which required a number of operations in the years following his accident.

The supermarket admitted they were at fault very shortly after the claim was put to them. Their point of sale signage was positioned so that anyone entering the supermarket was at risk of tripping.

After our client underwent the operations and we ensured he had made the recovery that was anticipated, the claim was settled for in the region of £24,000.00. This figure included compensation for the injury as well as financial losses incurred as a consequence of the accident. Financial losses included travel expenses, medication expenses and care and assistance required from family and friends following the accident and subsequent operations.

The client’s name has been withheld to protect his identity but this is indeed a true case settled by Jodie Doran.