Project Description

The Claimant had been driving a vehicle in the course of his employment when he parked the vehicle up and as it was stationary parked at the side of the road, a third party vehicle collided with the rear offside of the vehicle, as a result of which the Claimant sustained injury.

A claim was presented to the insurers for the responsible vehicle, electronically through the on-line portal system and liability was promptly accepted. This left the issue of determining the value of the Claimant’s claim only.

In order to establish the claim for injury and related losses, it was appropriate to obtain a medical report. A report was obtained from a local specialist Doctor and this showed that the Claimant had suffered from moderate neck and right shoulder pain lasting for a period of 4 ½ months, he had required time off work, was unable to properly enjoy a holiday and suffered from anxiety when driving for 2 months.

Negotiations took place with the insurers and they initially made an offer of £2,400.00 for the injury element of the claim. This was considered to be too low and subsequently increases were made to £2,600.00 and then £2,700.00 which was acceptable to the Claimant and in addition he made recovery of travel expenses of £42.38 and ibuprofen of £6.00, making £2,748.38 in all.

It was considered that the recovery of damages made on behalf of the Claimant was a good one and Ward & Rider acted for the Claimant on a no win no fee basis.