Project Description

Jodie Doran, a Solicitor at Ward & Rider, acted for Miss G in respect of her personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis.

Miss G was straightening her hair using hair straighteners when suddenly; the lead of the straighteners became detached from the straighteners themselves. The lead went into Miss G’s hand whilst the electric current was still flowing, causing Miss G to suffer severe electrical burns to her hand.

This was a very traumatic incident for Miss G which lasted for some minutes before she was able to detach the lead from her hand.

Miss G suffered burns to her hand which did heal over time, but Miss G has been left with some scarring as well as a loss of function in her hand. In particular, she is unable to carry shopping bags and anything else with her hand and this loss of function is thought to be permanent.

The claim was put to the company who made the hair straighteners and liability was denied throughout the claim. Unfortunately, the company failed to provide any reasons for their denial of liability and so Court proceedings were issued.

Once Court proceedings were issued, the Defendant began to consider settlement of the claim, albeit without a formal admission that they were responsible for Miss G’s injuries. Miss G received in the region of £24,000 in compensation for her injuries and associated losses.

Our client’s name has been altered to respect her privacy but this is indeed a true case.