Project Description

Nasreen Khalil acted for a client who was injured when visiting a local pub. 

As our client was leaving the pub toilets they crushed their fingers against a door. We were able to prove that the Defendant was negligent in that the door closing mechanism was defective.  Had it not been defective then the door would not have slammed shut and crushed our client’s fingers.

The Defendant finally accepted liability for our client’s accident. However, our client agreed that they would accept a small portion of the blame, which was agreed at 10%. 

Medical evidence was obtained and this was supportive of our client’s injury.  Unfortunately, they suffered a partial amputation of their finger.

We entered into negotiations with the Defendant’s insurers with a view to ensuring that our client received the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries and out of pocket expenses.

Initially, the Defendants failed to put forward any reasonable offers of settlement.  A Court claim was commenced and served upon the Defendant.  Shortly after serving the Court Proceedings, the Defendant agreed to offer our client a sum in the region of £4,600, with a view to bringing matters to a conclusion.