Project Description

Ray Hudson acted for a client who had an accident at work.

As our client was walking through a factory they slipped on a slippery substance on the factory floor and slipped over. As a result of this our client injured their neck and back. Unfortunately, they also suffered from psychological problems.

Ray Hudson was able to secure an early admission of liability but the company at fault for our client’s accident entered into administration. This can be common place in today’s economy but fortunately enough Ray managed to obtain a High Court Order to defer the dissolution of the company in order to ensure that our client could continue with their claim.

Our client had to undergo considerable treatment as a result of their injuries and Ray therefore felt it appropriate to defer obtaining a medical report until their condition had stabilised somewhat.

We issued court proceedings on our client’s behalf and as the litigation progressed our client was made an offer of £30,000 to settle their claim. This offer included compensation for our client’s pain and suffering and also for the expenses that our client had incurred as a result of the accident.

The overall settlement did take into account our client’s lost earnings claim and the help that our client received from their spouse whilst incapacitated after the accident.