Project Description

Fiona Beynon acted for a client who slipped whilst having an evening out at a nightclub with friends.  Unfortunately, our client broke their ankle and was off work for a significant period of time.

The nightclub denied liability and continued to deny liability until after Court proceedings were issued.  However, they failed to file a Defence, and Fiona filed a Request for Judgment, with the Court.  The nightclub’s solicitors applied to ask the Court to set that Judgment aside, but at the last minute before the hearing, withdrew that Application and effectively admitted liability.

Fiona, therefore, used her knowledge of Court procedure to her client’s advantage and as a result, our client received in the region of £17,000 in compensation, which was for their injuries and loss of earnings incurred whilst our client was off sick.

Within the compensation our client was awarded a sum for the additional housework that their partner had to carry out around the house because our client was unable to do their usual share of the domestic chores after the accident.

Our client’s name has been withheld to respect their privacy but this is indeed a true case.