Project Description

Jodie Doran, a solicitor at Ward & Rider Limited, acted for a client who suffered a personal injury whilst in a well known supermarket. The client was on the escalator. However, the escalator hand rail was not working in tandem with the escalator causing the client to fall backwards. The client banged their head and also sustained injury to their shoulder and ankle. Fortunately, the injury to the head recovered swiftly, as did the injury to the ankle. The shoulder reached a full recovery within 18 months of the accident occurring. There was also psychological injury which was to last for a period of 5 years following the accident.

Liability was admitted by the supermarket for this accident. However, they did not value the injuries appropriately in the first instance and it therefore took some negotiation before the insurer agreed to compensate the client in the sum of £8,500. The claim included a very modest claim for travel expenses, medication expenses and domestic care and assistance.

*The client’s name has been withheld to protect their identity but this is indeed a true claim handled by Jodie Doran at Ward & Rider Limited*