Project Description

Jodie Doran, Solicitor at Ward & Rider Limited, acted for a claimant who was injured in a road traffic accident. She was driving her vehicle when another driver pulled out from a side road in front of her.

The defendant admitted liability for the accident immediately. The claimant suffered injury to her neck, shoulders and back. She also suffered from nightmares and flash backs of the accident and this is something which troubled her for a long time.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Psychologist. The claimant suffered physical injury for a period of two years and there was also psychological injury which lasted for over three years.

Settlement negotiations between the claimant’s solicitor and the opponent were long and difficult. The defendant refused to accept the claimant’s injuries were severe. However, due to the medical evidence which was obtained the defendant could not deny the claimant’s injuries and the claimant was finally awarded the sum of £15,000 in settlement of her claim.