Project Description

Anu Kumari acted for a client who worked at a hotel, cleaning rooms.

Unfortunately, our client sustained personal injuries as a result of repeated heavy lifting during the course of her job. This was caused by moving and dragging sacks of linen along corridors and down flights of stairs to a laundry room.

As a result of this our client sustained back ache. The hotel’s insurers initially denied liability on the basis that they had weighed a load of linen, which was 5-10kgs even when wet, and that this did not pose a foreseeable risk of injury.

We argued that our client had not been provided with any manual handling training, although her employers stated they had provided adequate training, and provided training documents and records in support of their allegation. However, English was not our client’s first language, and we successfully argued that the training was insufficient for that reason.

We issued a court claim and then received a full admission of liability, and we negotiated a settlement of circa £11,500 for our client’s back injury. Our client kept all of her compensation as her legal costs were paid by our opponents.

Our client’s name has been withheld to respect their privacy but this is indeed a true case.