Project Description

Johanna Brewer, a personal injury solicitor at Ward & Rider, acted for Mr.S in respect of his no win no fee claim.

Mr S, who was self employed, was working on the defendant’s building site where homes were being built. He was given a ladder to carry out work on the brickwork of newly built homes.

However, the ladder was faulty and the clips that were used to safely hold the extended part of the ladder in place were not fit for their purpose. Whilst up the ladder the ladder collapsed and he fell towards the ground.

Mr.S broke his fall by holding onto a ledge but then fell to the ground. He suffered significant soft tissue injuries to his back and also cuts and bruises to his face, body, arms and legs.

Mr.S has now recovered from his injuries and has received £6,700 in compensation. This case was split 50/50 in terms of liability.

Our client’s name has been altered to respect his privacy but this is indeed a true case.