Project Description

Spending quality time with family, especially your children, is one of life’s many pleasures, but sadly this often becomes a problem when parents separate.

Over the years I have worked with many parents who are experiencing difficulties in agreeing the arrangements for contact between them. I have worked with parents who need assistance in “fine tuning” an agreement and also with parents who are being denied access to their children altogether for reasons ranging from difficulties with their ex-partner to allegations of abuse and substance misuse.

I have also assisted grandparents who are being denied time with their grandchildren, often because they have become caught up in the relationship breakdown of the parents.

Resolving these difficulties does not always have to result in going to Court. Often matters can be resolved through negotiations and communication. However, if an agreement cannot be reached an application can be made to Court to resolve the issues. I have guided many parents through Court proceedings which often result in an agreement being reached.

In my time as a family solicitor, I have assisted parents in times of emergency for example when a parent refuses to return a child home following spending time with them or when a parent makes a threat to move the children away at short notice. In such cases, I have guided parents through making urgent applications to Court to seek the return of their children or to prevent the children being moved. In what can be a very stressful and upsetting time for parents I have found that people often value a helping hand to see them through a difficult time.

I hope that many of you will never require my assistance but if you do, I can be contacted on 02476 555 400 or and I will be happy to help.