Project Description


Geoff Hart, a Director, Solicitor and Personal Injury specialist, acted for Mr Paul Cooper, who lives in Wyken, Coventry.  Mr Cooper contacted Ward & Rider Solicitors needing help and expert legal advice after an accident he had at work in June 2008.

Mr Cooper worked as a trailer mechanic and due to poor working practice he suffered a sufficient injury to his lower spine, resulting in neurological symptoms in his legs. He then underwent a fusion operation which relieved the pain in his legs but this went on to cause significant lower back pain. Mr Cooper started to make progress, but unfortunately in May 2009 he was involved in a further accident. On his first journey out driving his car, Mr Cooper was waiting in stationary traffic to turn right when a dust cart collided into the rear of his car. As a result of this accident he suffered an increase to the symptoms in his lower back problems and he also suffered an injury to his neck which led to another fusion operation, but this time on his neck.

Mr Cooper and his wife were under considerable financial stress as a result as after a period of time, his employer stopped paying him. It was necessary to commence proceedings in both claims and due to the overlap between the injuries and the impact they had upon Mr Cooper’s working ability, it was necessary to combine both claims into one single claim.

There were several experts involved who gave different views about the nature and extent of the symptoms to be divided between the two accidents. Fortunately the claim settled during a mediation meeting involving all parties in July 2012 where Mr Cooper received approximately £130,000 in addition to his costs. Although the damages were not specifically broken down they consisted of pain and suffering, loss of earnings, care and assistance, medication, DIY and travel. It was a great relief for Mr Cooper to settle this claim. He is no longer under any financial pressures and is now able to make plans for the future.

Mr Hart says that “this was one of the most challenging cases that I have dealt with in terms of causation and I am pleased that all parties were able to agree a reasonable settlement for Mr Cooper without the need to take the matter to a lengthy trial in court. It is a great feeling to be able to help somebody in their life and to enable them to make plans for the future.”

Mr Cooper said “The service I received was excellent. I knew it was a complicated matter and Geoff always communicated with me in a straight forward way. I was kept informed on what was going on and any concerns that I had were dealt with quickly. Everyone involved has done a great job as far as I am concerned and I can now get on with my life.”