Project Description

Jodie Doran, Personal Injury Lawyer acted for a client who was injured whilst out shopping at a corner shop. On the day that our client attended the shop it had been raining heavily. There was a mat at entrance of the shop but wet footprints covered the tiled shop floor. Our client stepped onto the tiled floor, which was slippery and wet, and slipped and fell as a result.

Our client suffered immediate pain in her nose and arm. Unfortunately, the shop worker did not assist our client or phone for an ambulance, and it was other customers who helped our client to their feet.

Our client attended Hospital where it was confirmed that they had sustained a broken arm and an injury to their nose as a consequence of the fall.

The accident had a great impact upon our client’s life and they continue to experience pain in their arm. Our client was also unable to complete housework or do shopping for some months following the accident and had to rely upon family to do housework and shopping for them.

The shop assistant refused to acknowledge the accident to our client. However, once we Jodie became involved and put the claim formally to the shop, they admitted liability straight away. Our client received in the region of £8,500 in compensation for their injuries and financial losses associated with the accident.

Our client’s name has been withheld to respect their privacy but this is indeed a true case.