Project Description

A No Win No Fee Claim

Ray Hudson acted for Miss K, a client based in Northamptonshire, to claim for personal injury and related losses.

Miss K was 14 at the date of her accident. She sustained injury in a large local supermarket when she slipped on a sign in an aisle which she had not seen. We dealt with the solicitors on behalf of the supermarket. They were not prepared initially to accept liability but were prepared to do this upon provision of hospital records which proved that Miss K had attended hospital due to her injuries.

It is essential in a case like this to obtain medical evidence. Our client was a child. It is commonly the case that because children are still developing, medical evidence is not straightforward due to the need to attend more than one examination and to ensure that symptoms have subsided or there is a clear prognosis. Once Miss K reached 18 years of age we were able to enter meaningful discussions on the value of her claim.

Miss K suffered an injury to her dominant right wrist which was very sore and required her to use a support. She missed out on physical education at school and after 2 years still had some aching and clicking to the wrist and was still using medication very occasionally and avoided sports. An MRI scan was arranged which confirmed a ligament strain which was felt should settle and resolve. The view of the medical expert was that symptoms would last 7.5 years.

By the time Miss K reached 18 years of age the symptoms were intermittent with only occasional symptoms to the wrist which were relatively minor. There were some minor expenses but essentially the claim settled with an injury valuation of £5,000 which was considered to be a reasonable settlement.

Ward & Rider Limited acted throughout for Miss K on a No Win – No Fee basis.