Project Description

Matt Bates, a Lawyer in the Personal Injury Department at Ward & Rider Solicitors, acted for Mr. A on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis following an accident at work where he sustained an injury to his thumb and lower leg.

Although liability was admitted, the defendant’s solicitors offered an insufficient sum in compensation to Mr A in the hope that the matter would be resolved at an early stage despite the fact that he had ongoing problems as a result of the accident. The offer originally made was for the amount of £8,500.

Mr A’s thumb injury resulted in him suffering from reduced grip and pain which was treated by way of painkilling injections as surgery had little prospects of success.

In relation to Mr. A’s leg, on the face of it he suffered a laceration. However, after further investigation due to the pain and tenderness suffered, he was found to be suffering from a subperiosteal haematoma, which is essentially trapped blood on the shinbone.

Supportive medical evidence was then acquired to prove Mr A’s injuries before all the losses he had incurred as a result of the accident were categorised into a list.

These losses included some care and assistance with domestic tasks, some travelling expenses and some money towards the cost of painkilling injections he would require in the future. Furthermore Mr A’s lost earnings were also claimed for, along with an award to reflect the fact that Mr A was at a disadvantage on the open labour market for a short period of time due to the injuries he sustained.

Matt Bates was able to secure a settlement of £40,000 for Mr. A, an increase of £31,500 from the original offer made.

Mr. A’s name has been changed to protect his privacy but this is indeed a true accident claim handled successfully by Ward & Rider Solicitors.