Project Description

Geoff Hart acted for a client who suffered an injury at work.

Whilst moving a large and heavy load with colleagues, a piece of specialised equipment used to lift the load failed, and as a result our client suffered an injury to their face.

We argued that the equipment was unsafe and not fit for purpose. Liability was denied and our opponent’s insurer refused to pay out. A court claim was then commenced, and following exchange of witness evidence, our opponent’s insurer made an offer to settle in the region of £1,100.

Although this did not reflect the full value of the claim it was sufficient to reflect the risks involved in the litigation. The employer was going to struggle to show that the piece of equipment was fit for purpose as no photographs were taken of it and it was returned back into service, as a result of which they could not locate it. 

Following the settlement our client now intends to liaise with their union to have the equipment removed from service so that this type of accident does not happen again.

Our client’s name has been withheld to respect their privacy but this is indeed a true case.