Project Description

£19,000 compensation claimed for client who fell on public pathway.

Ray Hudson, a Personal Injury Lawyer, acted for Mr J, a client from the Black Country, who had a serious fall in a public car park causing injuries because of a defective pathway.

Initially on behalf of Mr J we involved the local authority who absolved themselves from blame and referred us to the contractors responsible for maintenance of the car park. After some delay they accepted liability.

Mr J suffered a variety of injuries and it was important to obtain medical evidence. We were required to analyse the effects of the injuries and the continuing effects upon Mr J.

A report was obtained from a Neurologist. Mr J had initially suffered from constant headaches which were likely to be due to a subdural haematoma and continued to occur most days. There was also a small risk of epilepsy. A medical report was also obtained from an Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon which showed that Mr J had chipped upper central incisors and had a fracture to his upper left lateral incisor with loss of sensation and a small scar to his lower lip. A report was also obtained from an ENT Surgeon which helped to establish the scarring to Mr J’s nose and revealed that the nasal septum had been dislocated and the right nasal cavity closed. There was a nasal bone fracture, the nasal bones having moved to the left, and cartilage dislocation. Without corrective surgery Mr J would have permanent symptoms.

In addition to his injuries Mr J also pursued claims for travel costs, dental costs, care provided to him and further surgery.

Following negotiation we were able to agree a settlement for £19,000 which took into consideration around £18,000 for Mr J’s injuries inclusive of the small risk of epilepsy and around £1,000 for expenses and help given to him.

Negotiations were ultimately successful with solicitors appointed on behalf of the contractors as court proceedings were required in this case.

Ward & Rider acted for Mr J on a No Win – No Fee basis.