Project Description

A No Win No Fee Claim

Ray Hudson acted for Miss Y, from South Warwickshire in her claim for personal injury and related losses arising out of a road traffic accident.

Miss Y suffered various injuries when she collided with a metal pole on a bus. The claim was brought on the basis that Miss Y’s injuries were caused by the negligent driving of another road user which caused the bus driver to brake to avoid collision. Given that the Police were involved and we were able to establish that the injuries were caused by the acts of an unknown and untraced driver, we were able to establish a claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau.

The Motor Insurers Bureau undertook their enquiries and accepted liability. However it took some time to resolve the Miss Y’s claim due to the extent of her injuries and related losses. The medical evidence obtained showed that the physical injuries lasted for no more than 12 months but the accident caused intermittent tinnitus which was likely to continue indefinitely but was mild in severity. In addition our client had suffered from symptoms to her shin, ankle, foot, neck and back.

Claims were also advanced on the basis that the accident had prevented our client from obtaining alternative employment more quickly than would otherwise have been the case. In addition claims were made for medical expenses and domestic help as Miss Y was unable to assist in terms of child care.

We were able to settle the claim on behalf of Miss Y in the sum of £18,000 for damages to reflect her injuries and losses.