Project Description

Jodie Doran, a Personal Injury Solicitor at Ward & Rider Limited, acted for a client who was injured in a road traffic accident. Our client’s vehicle was parked at the side of the road, the car door was open and our client was leaning into the vehicle. Suddenly, and without warning, a vehicle drove into the car door and squashed our client between the vehicle door and the door frame.

This caused immediate pain to our client’s shoulder and neck. Shortly after the accident he also developed lower back pain and pins and needles to his arms and hands. The lower back injury fortunately reached a full recovery within one year of the accident happening. The pins and needles sensation also eased. Unfortunately, our client is likely to experience ongoing nuisance symptoms to his neck and shoulder for the foreseeable future.

Our client had instructed another firm of solicitors before approaching Ward & Rider. They secured an admission of liability from the defendant but, when trying to negotiate settlement of this matter, they advised that our client should accept £10,000 in full and final settlement of his claim.

Our client was unhappy with this advice and he did not feel that £10,000 embraced the injuries he suffered. He therefore instructed Ward & Rider Solicitors to take over conduct of the claim and negotiate an appropriate settlement. Jodie Doran revisited the medical evidence already obtained by the previous firm and it appeared that our client had not made the full recovery anticipated within the medical evidence. Upon taking our client’s instructions and entering into further negotiation, he was awarded in the region of £17,500and this finalised and settled his claim.