Project Description

Anita Kaur, a Solicitor at Ward & Rider Solicitors acted on behalf of Mrs. S under a No Win – No Fee agreement in respect of her Personal Injury claim after she was involved in a road traffic accident and received injuries from the collision

Straight after the accident Mrs. S sustained immediate pain to the right side of her neck, left shoulder, chest and back.

Mrs. S underwent many sessions of physiotherapy treatment to help her get back to her normal abilities.

Medical evidence was obtained addressing the extent of the injuries sustained, although unfortunately Mrs. S’s symptoms did not resolve in line with the prognosis provided by the medical expert. Therefore updated medical evidence was obtained to ascertain whether Mrs. S’s ongoing symptoms were due to this road traffic accident.

Following negotiations, Mrs. S’s claim was settled at £12,000. This included a claim in respect of pain, suffering and loss of amenity and also financial losses.

Mrs. S’s name has been changed to protect her identity but this is indeed a true case.