A workman who suffered serious damage to three of his fingers in an accident involving a digger has won £295,000 in damages.

The man, who is in his 20s, was working with a colleague installing a ramp for disabled access to a building. As the paving slabs that formed the existing path were to be reused, he was lifting them by hand so as to avoid damaging them. His colleague was operating a mechanical digger, preparing the nearby ground.

As the man raised one of the slabs, the digger’s bucket slipped off the kerb and crashed into his right hand. Even though he was wearing protective gloves, three of his fingers were severed.

The injury was extremely painful. An ambulance was summoned and the man had to be sedated before his work glove could be removed. He underwent immediate surgery and, although doctors were able to reattach his right middle fingertip, his second and fourth fingertips could not be saved. Subsequently, he had to undergo painful physiotherapy and found it hard to come to terms with his inability to assist his wife in caring for their young children as he struggled to relearn how to use his hand.

It was two years before the man was able to return to work and he continues to suffer numbness and pain in his damaged hand.

After bringing a personal injury claim against his employer, he has now received £295,000 in damages.

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