A 12-year-old boy who suffered severe head injuries in a road accident has secured a compensation settlement that could be worth in excess of £10 million.

The boy was just three months old and travelling in the front passenger seat of the vehicle when it was involved in a horrific collision. He sustained severe brain damage as well as multiple other injuries.

A personal injury claim was brought on his behalf against the driver responsible for the accident, who accepted liability for what had happened.

Shortly before a scheduled five-day hearing was due to take place at the High Court to determine the amount of compensation payable, an out-of-court settlement was reached.

The judge approved a lump sum payment of £6.75 million, payable immediately, to cover the costs of the boy’s care. In addition, when he reaches the age of 35, he will receive annual tax-free payments of £120,000. The award was structured in this way because the boy’s family intend to care for him themselves, without the help of outside agencies, for as long as they are capable of doing so.

The judge was fulsome in his praise for the commitment of the boy’s family to meeting his needs, commending them for the care they have already provided for him and their determination to continue to do so for as long as they can.

Jason Claridge says, “While nothing can truly compensate victims of serious accidents for the loss of their health and independence, a financial settlement can provide them and their families with the knowledge that the care they need can be paid for. If you have been injured in a road accident, contact us to discuss the possibility of claiming compensation.”