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Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership 

At Ward and Rider, we are versed in making a divorce or civil partnership dissolution case go as smoothly as possible. We understand that there is often an emotional strain that comes alongside the ceasing of a relationship, so our best efforts go into helping our clients understand their legal stance within the situation in terms of property, finance, and children. 

Unmarried Couples Disputes

Ward & Rider have a comprehensive understanding of the law surrounding unmarried couples as a result of many couples refraining from marrying. We assist clients with unmarried disputes involving children, finance or property. Legal rights and responsibilities do differ from married couples. Ward & Rider can help to understand your rights, entitlements and options regarding this.  

Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility refers to the rights and responsibilities of all mothers and most fathers of a child. A father of a child only automatically has parental rights alongside the mother if their child was born after the 1st December 2003, up until this point only the mother had automatic parental responsibility. What this meant was that should a relationship breakdown the mother would previously, in general have had the right to determine where a child would live, go to school and any medical treatment they should receive.

In the event of a relationship breakdown, Ward & Rider can help you to understand your rights as a parent. Our services include assisting in obtaining parental rights orders and drawing up parental responsibility agreements. We understand the strain a family dispute can bring, emotionally and financially. 

We look at each case individually, giving you honest advice as to the potential outcome of your case, and guide you through each stage of the legal process so that you understand the steps we are progressing through.

Call Ward and Rider Family Law Solicitors on 0121 371 9280 to talk to one of our team or book an appointment regarding your case.


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