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Ward and Rider, Family Law Solicitors Coventry

<p>Ward and Rider solicitors Coventry is based in the heart of the City Centre, just off of Manor Drive. Our firm, established over 65 years ago has client satisfaction at the heart of our practice. Each case, no matter how big or small is treated with the same amount of dedication, passion and expertise; we strive to achieve the best result for our clients and always keep your needs at the top of our priorities.</p>
<p>Based at our Head Office in Coventry we have a team of specialist Family Law Solicitors, with a huge amount of practice in resolving conflicts with the family environment to the best outcome for our client.</p>
<p>Areas of Family Law we can assist in include:</p>
<h2>Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership</h2>
<p>Ward and Riders family law team are experienced with divorce and dissolution of civil partnership cases. We recognise the emotional strain that the ending of a relationship can cause so we focus our efforts on helping our clients to understand their rights as an individual coming out of the partnership or marriage in terms of property, finance and also any children involved.</p>
<h2>Unmarried Couples Disputes</h2>
<p>With many couples now refraining from getting married, Ward and Rider have developed their knowledge to assist clients who unfortunately find themselves in an unmarried dispute regarding children, finance or property. As an unmarried couple rights and responsibilities differ to that of a married couple, and so Ward and Rider can help you to understand your options and entitlements.</p>
<h2>Parental Responsibility</h2>
<p>Parental responsibility refers to the rights and responsibilities of all mothers and most fathers of a child. A father of a child only automatically has parental rights alongside the mother if their child was born after the 1st December 2003, up until this point only the mother had automatic parental responsibility. What this meant was that should a relationship breakdown the mother would previously, in general have had the right to determine where a child would live, go to school and any medical treatment they should receive. Should your relationship breakdown, Ward and Rider can help you to understand your rights as a parent; we can assist in obtaining parental rights orders and the drawing up of parental responsibility agreements.</p>
<p>At Ward and Rider we understand the difficulties that can be posed through a family dispute, both the emotional and financial strain it can cause. We aim to complete each case in a timely and effective manner to prevent any escalation of dispute. We look at each case individually, giving you honest advice as to the potential outcome of your case, and guide you through each stage of the legal process so that you understand the steps we are progressing through.</p>
<p>To get legal advice on your case, call Ward and Riders&rsquo; Family Law Solicitors on 02476 555400 to talk to one of our team or book an appointment.</p>
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